Frequently Asked Questions

Are BUILDAIR structures safe?
Our structures are designed and manufactured to comply with European Standards EN13782 and Eurocodes EN 1991-1-14 in terms of wind loads. Our Engineering team can design the structure considering other local regulations requested by the client.
Which permits does my company need to set up one of your structures?

No building permits, licenses or approvals are required, due to the temporary portable typology of BUILDAIR structures. Only landowner permit is required. This allows to ease the delivery process and to reduce lead times, saving time and money.

Is it easy to move these structures to other location if necessary?

For sure. Our structures are easily dismantled, packaged and transported in standard 40 feet sea containers. BUILDAIR will assist you during dismantling, transportation and setting up in other different location.

What type of MRO operations can I perform in BUILDAIR’s hangars?

Our H45 hangar delivered to Lufthansa Technik in 2014 has been included in their EASA 145 approval, so civil aircraft MRO tasks can be performed inside of it.

Which are the sizes of BUILDAIR structures?

BUILDAIR structures and hangars can be designed within a wide range of dimensions, in order to comply with any specific requirement: from 10 to 90 meters clear width. We have no limits on length and it can be extended easily just by adding modules.

Which is the temperature range for BUILDAIR structures?

BUILDAIR structures are completely stable between –30ºC and +70ºC. If needed, extra-resistant materials can be used for very cold environments up to -50ºC.

Which are the anchors types suitable for BUILDAIR structures?

Depending on the size:

For small hangars:

  • Anchoring bags (filled with ballast material: e.g., sand, water, concrete, etc.) system

For medium – big hangars:

  • Screw piles
  • Resin set anchoring bolts
Can BUILDAIR provide additional installations such as HVAC, lighting and firefighting systems?

The answer is yes. Due to the intended portability of BUILDAIR structures, we recommend also portable installations. We can offer and provide our clients with a wide variety of additional portable installations: HVAC, Lighting, Firefighting, low voltage supply…

In the event that tubes become torn or punctured, can they be repaired on site?

Yes, with the repair kit (textile + adhesive system for textile patches). Also to be considered that for small punctures or damages, there is no urgency to perform the repair: the air blown by the inflation motor will automatically increase (as mandated by the Automatic Control System), to compensate the pressure loss due to the small puncture or damage.

What kind of documentation is supplied by BUILDAIR? Is there any training available for the proper operation of BUILDAIR structures?

BUILDAIR structures are supplied with User Operation and Maintenance manuals, as well as with the complete Engineering Project.Additionally, during the first set-up, client staff is trained by BUILDAIR set-up team.