Hangar H20 Airtight, Jeddah

Hangar H20 Airtight, Jeddah

The Helicopter Company – Saudi Arabia

August 2021

2,5 months

Fitted with our state-of-the-art AIRTIGHT technology, that allows reducing energy consumption to zero, this very quick deployment hangar is specifically designed for MRO activities in helicopter fleets. A turnkey solution, delivered jointly with internal facilities: Low voltage supply, Lighting, HVAC, firefighting systems. Certified and approved by General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) in Saudi Arabia, this hangar meets the higher quality and regulation required standards.


• 20 meters clear width
• 46 meters length
• 10 meters clear height
• 920 m² useful area.


Zero energy consumption. Inflation motors work just few minutes per day.
Quick deployment shelter.
Short Delivery Time: 2,5 months.
Withstanding extremely harsh environmental conditions
Turnkey solution, delivered with all required facilities (HVAC, lighting, firefighting..)
Telematic Control System: Surveillance of all operational parameters from any computer or smartphone.