Inflatable structures

Structural concept

BUILDAIR’s Inflatable Structures are conceived as a membrane-strapanchorage system to ensure the stability and functionality requirements in front of the external and internal actions.

The inflatable tubes are the main relevant structural item of the structure, made of a light membrane filled with air by means of a blowing engines system. The (low) internal pressure inside the tubes provides the required stiffness for the structure with a very low weight.

This pressure is controlled by an Automatic Control System, which varies in terms of the existing wind, increasing the stiffness of the tubes when peak values of wind are registered.

The stability of the tubes is ensured by an innovative straps network conceived as a cage surrounding the inflated membranes with two main objectives: limit the deformation of the tubes and transmit the internal forces to the anchoring points.

Straps are connected to each other to configure a network in such a way that forces over the membranes are transmitted through the straps to the anchorage points in the form of axial forces.


BUILDAIR structures are completely portable as their structural elements are very light and the complete set-up process takes just a few days, enabling a great agility in deployment and removal.

Flexibility – Modularity

BUILDAIR structures are flexible, permanent, modular and fully retocable: they can be packaged and transported within standard sea containers.

Shallow foundations

BUILDAIR structures do not require a traditional foundation works for proper anchoring to the ground: it is enough to use high-resistance anchorage systems, with subsequent savings in time and costs.

Short delivery time

BUILDAIR structures can be delivered and set up within an extremely short period of time, allowing any coverage requirements to be fullfilled much faster than with any alternative product.


BUILDAIR’s technology and know-how means our inflatable architecture is 100% safe. Our modular independent structral tubes enjoy safety redundances and mantain their structural stability.

Higher return on investment

BUILDAIR structures are the perfect solution: they are cost-competitive, require only a low investment, and make it feasible to transport the entire building and all installations to a different location.

Door modules

BUILDAIR several door modules allow to comply with any specific requirement: fast, opening-closing operation, high resistance, additional accesses for staff, etc.

Adaptable maintenance

The BUILDAIR Automatic Control System allows real-time tracking of all related parameters, reducing the costs of preventive maintenance and maximising the structural safety of the structure.