Shelters H20/25 Airtight

Shelters H20/25 Airtight

Lleida Airport

November 2020

1,5 months

AIRTIGHT technology fitted twin shelters delivered in unbeatable lead time. The perfect solution for many applications in industrial, aeronautical, emergencies fields. Excellent portability and easy containerization, fits in less than 1 sea container (20 feet). Capable to be set-up in 6 hours on any ground type with minimum foundation requirements.


• 25 meters clear width
• 30 meters clear length
• 12,5 meters clear height
• 750 useful area


Zero energy consumption. Inflation motors work just few minutes per day.
Very good insulation behavior against harsh environmental conditions.
Fitted with motorized foldable doors for easy access of big machinery or vehicles.
Quick deployment shelter. Set up time 6 hours.
Short Delivery Time: 1,5 months.
Telematic Control System: Surveillance of all operational parameters from any computer or smartphone.
Easy logistics: each complete hangar can be packaged in less than 1 standard 20 feet sea container.