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BUILDAIR’s inflatable structures are designed and manufactured to fit your project requirements. Can accomplish all local and international regulations (Fire protection, Wind and Snow resistance, etc..). Buildair guaranties the structural stability under extreme conditions.

BUILDAIR inflatable technology reduces lead times to the minimum, allowing customers to start operations as soon as they need it. Fastest solution in the market.

BUILDAIR structures are cost-competitive, as acquisition & operational costs are lower than the alternative options: Initial investment can be drastically reduces compared any other traditional structure. Can be used as permanent (several years) or temporary (few weeks or months) facilites.

BUILDAIR structures do not requiere traditional foundations for a proper anchoring to the ground, that means not to damaging the existing airport apron or spending time and money in traditional foundations for enjoying a 100% safe anchoring system.


Aeronautical applications

BUILDAIR hangars can be used to cover any vehicle or aircraft in a safe, comfortable, flexible and economic way. From the smallest private aviation jets or helicopters, to the largest commercial aircrafts, including military vehicles, satellites, zeppelins or any other assets that requires protection.

Can be designed to fit requirements from quick repairs on small vehicles to heavy maintenance campaigns on large commercial aircrafts.

Additional installations available for heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting, fire protection, lightning protection, compressed air, etc. Any additional system in order to meet safety requirements or every client preferences.

No special foundation is required: just a simple anchoring system, suitable for different terrain types (concrete platform, hard soil, etc), which represents important time & money savings.

Disaster relief &

Desaster relief & defense

Due to the extreme lightweight and unique portable characteristics, BUILDAIR’s sheltering systems can be efficiently stored, transported and installed. Minimizing resources needed to sheltering operations in case of a natural disaster or humanitarian conflict, leaving resources to assist the damage populations.

BUILDAIR developed an energy autonomous shelter solution, so no external power is needed. Allowing the generation of power, not only to sustain the shelter but also to provide energy to the inhabitants for any other application.


Industrial applications

BUILDAIR’s sheltering systems can be adapted to any requirement that an offshore industrial work may need. It is extremely efficient in applications that may need to transport and set-up a mid lo large size shelters in a difficult to access environment.

For example, can be used to cover heavy machinery or materials for installations in hight mountains for mining or for oil and gas exploitation in extremely difficult access locations, where it is required to protect equipment, people and materials but it is very difficult to access and transport heavy loads and hight volumes of materials.