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BUILDAIR design, manufacture, install and maintain large size inflatable structures for aeronautical and industrial applications.

BUILDAIR manages the complete lifecycle of the product: not only the supply (including engineering and manufacturing) but also the maintenance and technical support by our experts team, throughout the total life of the structure. Continuous support 24/7.

BUILDAIR’s modular structures are formed by independent structural tubes, enjoy safety redundancies (e.g., every tube is powered by 2 independent inflation motors), and maintain their structural stability, even with several damaged / inoperative tubes (which can be easily repaired or replaced).

Buildair structures are usually idoneous for most of the aviation and industrial applications (airports, airlines, maintenance MRO companies), due to their outstanding characteristics and advantages.

No more flexibility can be achieved than with an inflatable structure like BUILDAIR’s. Specially designed to fit your requirement during the complete life cycle of the structure.

Maintenance of BUILDAIR structures is simple and adapted to your project requirements.

Why to choose an inflatable structure?

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BUILDAIR’s inflatable structures are designed and manufactured to fit the requirements of your project. Can accomplish all local and international normative (Fire protection, Wind and Snow resistance, etc..) to guaranty stability under extreme conditions.

BUILDAIR inflatable technology reduces lead times to the minimum, allowing customers to start operations as soon as possible. Fastest solution in the market.

BUILDAIR structures are cost-competitive, as acquisition & operational costs are lower than the alternative options:

Initial investment can be drastically reduced compared to any other traditional structure. Can be used as permanent (several years) to temporary (few weeks or months) facilites.

BUILDAIR structures do not requiere traditional foundations for a proper anchoring to the ground. No need to damage your existing slab or to spend time and money in traditional foundations for enjoying a 100% safe anchoring system.

World-wide leading provider of large scale inflatable structural solutions

Market Applications

Due to their reliability and flexibility, BUILDAIR structures provide significant added value for the development and performance of different industrial activities.


Engineered to resist very hard and changing environmental conditions.

Disaster relief & defence

BUILDAIR portable coverages are ideal for disaster recovery operations.


Suitable to safely accommodate any asset: vehicles, factories, machines, raw material, etc.