R+D projects

Buildair has established its continued progression in a technological position is evolving, due to the participation in national and international research projects. Our R & D has extensive experience in cooperation projects in different sectors to encourage technology transfer and the achievement of results in order to meet new market requirements. We have developed the following research projects:


Air-Bridge – Development, validation and transfer to market of a prototype of AIR-BRIDGE for surface transport vehicles.
EHEA – Energy self-sufficient Inflatable Structure.
MMEX – Mobile Multimedia Experience Inflatable Shelter.


Inflater – Development of a universal flood protection tool using the force of the water.
ULITES– Ultra-lightweight structures with integrated photovoltaic Solar cells: design, analysis, testing and application prototype to an emergency shelter.
Hypermembrane – Demo – Demonstration of an adaptable structure for architectural applications.
Light-Bridge – Light-weight easy-deployable bridge for road transport vehicles

Air-Bridge project

Development and validation of a prototype of an inflatable ultra-lightweight fast-deployable bridge for surface transport vehicles, which utilizes low-pressurized air-filled beams as the primary load-bearing structural spanning members. The aim of the product is to facilitate emergency evacuation tasks and communication reestablishment of devastated areas due to natural disasters.

Project funded by PROVA’T Program of the CERCA (Generalitat de Catalunya), with FEDER funds (Europe).

MORE INFORMATION (link): http://www.cimne.com/air-bridge/presentation/index_en.html

EHEA project

Study, design and construction of a new energy self-sufficient inflatable structure based on the integration of photovoltaic cells, which makes available to the international market an innovative light system, transportable , cheap and easy to assemble developed in Spain, which covers the current demand for hangars, warehouses or tents that require rapid deployment and versatility of forms.

Co-funded by MINECO (Convocatoria INNPACTO 2012)

MMEX project

Development of a Multimedia Mobile EXperience Inflatable Shelter that incorporates the latest multimedia technologies as 3D-surround audio and the projection of 3D videos using video-mapping techniques.

Co-funded by MINECO (Convocatoria INNPACTO 2012)

Hypermembrane demo project

The HyperMembrane consists on a system of a Physical and Digital elements that will allow a shape adaptable construction system for roofs and façades –and its procedure to put in shape- able to generate multiple and non-predetermined shapes, modifiable regarding to different spatial, solar or energetic requirements. The end-product has been tested on prototype specimens in a real architectonic structure erected in Barcelona.

Project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union (2013).

Inflater project

The idea of this project is to design and build an inflatable portable dam, which can be placed anywhere quickly, easily and does not require much manpower. As the water level rises it lifts the floating part and the water is let inside the inflatable section and the strings go tight to support the structure.

Project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union (2011).

Ulites project

Introduction of new technologies in the fabrication of light-weight inflatable structures. In particular, the inclusion of photo-voltaic cells together with the use of carbon-fiber cables will allow new design concepts combining an extreme lightness with an excellent structural performance while preserving the sustanability. The wide adoption of such new solutions, will on the other hand imply the definition of an improved computer-based design approach. New tools will be needed to allow modeling to structural behaviour of ultra-lightweight structures and to realize them in conceptual designs.

Project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union (2012).

Light Bridge project

Development, test and bring to market a unique light-weight easy-deployable and adaptive bridge for road transport vehicles. It will facilitate accelerated bridging operations needed in many situations in road transport in zones under hazard scenarios. It will be also useful for temporary bridging in locations requiring rapid transport restoration due to accidents or repair of road infrastructure.

Project funded by the Eurostars-2 joint programme with co-funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.